Why you should never buy you Dog a toy that has stuffing in it.

IMG_2208When I brought Lady home with me I had bought her 3 toys, all of which had stuffing in them. They were all some sort of animal that had a squeaker inside of them so they made noise when you squeezed them. At first I thought this was great for Lady and she loved to play with them. She would chase them around and chew on them all the time to make them squeak. However as she grew and began to teethe she started to really chew on these toys and began to rip holes in them. When she would do this she would tear all of the stuffing out of the toys and make a huge mess. However she would also swallow the stuffing she was ripping out of the toys and I would find it later on after she had done her business outside.

This is not only annoying to have to constantly clean up the stuffing, but it could also be harmful to your dog if it continuously eaten. I have since switched lady to plush squeaker toys that don’t have any stuffing in them and she still loves to play with them just as much. I strongly recommend this to any dog owner who has a dog that enjoys chewing on toys.


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