The Two Minute Rule

The Two Minute Rule is a rule that states if something takes less than two minutes to do, do it right then and there. I have recently implemented this rule in my own life and I believe this is a rule that everyone should use. I am not always the most organized person with getting things done, especially when they are small insignificant things like doing the dishes. I would grab a new plate instead of cleaning a dirty one, or just throw something on the table when I get home instead of putting it where it belongs. However before I knew it i would be left with a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink or a huge pile of stuff on my dinning room table. Something that would have taken no time at all to get done had turned into a huge project to clean up.

This is why I saw a need for the two minute rule. I started just taking an extra two minutes to clean off a dish before I eat or going to put stuff away when I got home and I was no longer finding myself with huge clean up projects around my house. Also I started to find myself with a shorter to-do list. The two minute rule is great for people like me who tend to put the little things off until they become huge projects. I think this is a very important tool to use especially when you have a busy schedule as it is.Image result for two minutes


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