Retractable Leashes Vs. Regular Leashes

For about the first 8 months that I had Lady, I always used a regular 6ft leash. However for the past 2 months I have been using a 16ft retractable leash instead and honestly it surprised me a little with just how much better they are compared to regular leashes for multiple reasons. However with saying that there are still a few things that make regular leashes better to use. So let me explain the pros and cons of each that I hRetracable Leashes.ave found.

  • Pros for Retractable: First off I think the biggest benefit that I have found is the fact that the leash does not get tangled up in your hands or around your dogs leg when you are walking them because it is constantly taut due to the leash being retractable. The biggest problem that I hated with regular leashes was when the leash would go limp and then get stuck under her front leg making it awkward and probably uncomfortable for her to walk. I was stuck constantly having to stop her and fix the leash so she could walk normally. The second benefit would be the the comfortable grip that the retractable leash provides. I found myself many times with my hand having the circulation cut off from regular leashes or getting rope burn from trying to hold on to them when lady tries to pull me somewhere. The retractable leash has a nice comfortable grip that doesn’t strain my hand no matter what lady is doing. Finally the most obvious benefit is the fact that it is retractable so it is easier to store and I’m not left untangling the leash every time I want to use it.


  • Cons for Retractable: Before you even think about buying one to use with your dog you have to know how your dog behaves on a regular leash. Retractable leashes can actually be very dangerous for both you and your dog if your dog is not comfortable and for the most part behaved when using leashes. If your dog is not well behaved and is constantly sprinting after anything that crosses your path or is aggressive towards other dogs or other people, retractable leashes are not for your dog. Retractable leashes allow your dog to gain speed and distance away from you without any resistance. This is a huge problem because if you are not aware of when your dog is going to bolt away from you, your dog will be at a full sprint  and then the length of the leash will run out and you or your dog will be yanked in either direction. This can result in injury to you or your dog, or even your dog getting away from you and this in its self is very dangerous. So bottom line; this leash is only great if your dog can handle being behaved on a leash. it is not for training or dogs new to walking with a leash.


  • Pros for Regular Leashes: The pros for the regular leash are basically where the retractable leash fails. With the regular leashes you are able to control your dog a lot better and not allow them to run away and build up speed. They are also much more effective when tying to leash train your dog because of this. For the most part regular leashes are much better for training your dog to walk on a leash or if your dog constantly pulls you


  • Cons for Regular: For the cons I have already toughed on them in the pros section for retractable so ill just list them off.REGULAR LEASH
    • Gets tangled
    • bulky to store
    • shorter usually than retractable
    • if they are longer than 6 feet they become extremely annoying and hard to keep from getting tangled
    • not always comfortable to hold

So overall after using both types of leashes with lady, I would recommend that anyone who owns a dog that is well behaved on a regular leash, that you go out and buy a retractable one.


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