If you decide to get a puppy, you better have a clean house.

When deciding to get a puppy I thought about things that most people looking to get a puppy think of. Things like whether or not I can afford one, how I am going to potty train it, and is it a good time in my life to get a puppy. However one thing that I came to realize after bringing Lady home for the first month or two is that it helps a ton if you have a clean house and are a neat person. I myself am not the neatest person in the world and when I brought Lady home she made sure to find anything and everything that was left on the ground and try to eat it. When I say eat I don’t mean she would find things to chew up and make a huge mess with everything she chewed. I mean she would find anything she could fit in her mouth and swallow it. The best part is that the next day IMG_2139it would come out the other end looking exactly the way she swallowed it so you could always see what she had found on the ground the day before.

Now I did my best to keep my apartment as clean as possible but no matter how had I would try she always seemed to find something that I had missed. She has found and eaten everything from thumbtacks, to my wallet , and even my lacrosse game shorts. She would always find things and then quietly pick them up and eat them without me noticing. So before you get a puppy make sure you have picked up absolutely everything off of your floor and be prepared for your new puppy to find anything you missed.


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