Training Tips: Do’s and Don’t’s

So when is comes to trying to train your new puppy there are a few simple things you should remember.


  • Training should be a positive experience for your puppy. Always make sure you are patient with him or her even if it takes a while for them to listen to you. If you are not patient and get mad or upset with your puppy it will take even longer for them to do what you want for them to do. Puppies and dogs learn fast from positive encouragement as opposed to negative.
  • To go off of the last point you should always try to include either toys and playing with training or treats as a reward. this will get your puppy excited for training and will help you enjoy training as well. this will also help them associate training with a positive thing.
  • Dogs genuinely want to make their humans happy. During training if you are enjoying it and getting excited when your puppy does something, they do notice that and learn faster because of it.
  • Finally you should be consistent with commands and hand motions. You should also always use the commands and hand motions whenever you can. This will help your puppy become more familiar with both the commands and hand motions so that they will learn what you want from each command.


  • One thing that you should never do if you plan on crate training your puppy is using the crate as a punishment. I know it can be hard not too if your puppy does something that make you angry like poop in the house or chew something that is valuable, but using the crate as punishment is the last thing you should do. If you use this as punishment your puppy will always associate the crate with a negative experience. That means every time you have to leave and put the puppy in the crate they will not like it and will most likely lead to him or her to be destructive or whine while in the crate.
  • Going back to the point I made earlier with the “Do’s” You should never allow yourself to become angry during a training session. Your puppy will again associate training with a negative experience and not want to keep going on with the command.
  • Something else you should realize when going into a training session is that your puppy has a lot of energy. You should always try to burn off some of this energy before a session instead of . This will allow your puppy to not be so crazy while you’re trying to teach him or her something.

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