GTD: Setting up the Time, Space, and Tools.


After talking about two different five step models for both planning out your idea and then how to process information, it is important to not forget about some simple things when you want to get projects done. These things include setting time aside to complete your project and really focus on what need to get done, your work space so you have a place that will allow you to focus and get your work done, and finally just having the right tools available to you so your are able to get things done.

These may seem simple and you may over look them when you have a deadline for a project fast approaching however they are just as important as the other five step models. You always need to set aside time for yourself to really sit down and focus on your project so that you will not be distracted by everything else that is going on in your life. This can sometimes be hard when you have a busy schedule but it will really help you have a clear mind when trying to get stuff done. The next part is your work space. This could be anywhere you like to get things done whether it is at work or at your house. You should always have a dedicated spot for work as this again helps with your focus and avoids distractions. Finally you should always make sure you have the right tools. Without the right tools it can sometimes be impossible to accomplish your goals.

If you are able to take the time to make sure that all three of these things are in place for you when you go to start project you will help yourself to use your time more efficiently. This is something that I have really worked on since starting the book and it has helped me with cutting back on distractions. Now have a desk at my house where I only keep my laptop, notebooks, and pens and pencils for when I want to get homework done. I plan on a set time and set a timer so when that time comes I know I have to focus on only what homework I have ahead of me. This is something that I plan to carry over into my adult life when I get my own place to make sure I am using all of my time effectively and not wasting time on distractions when I have project that need to get done.


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